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How to know what fields are available on action?

I would like to know what fields are available in various integrations.  For example what profile information can I supply in an action to add a Gsuite user?  This is the same question as:

However, the answer given requires setting up an account with admin privileges and generating an API key.  I would like to know if the integration is even feasible before doing this. There is a reference to in the answer to the above question about  API documentation that “generally” has this information.  Can someone point me to this documentation or provide another mechanism for determining available fields that does not require setting up api keys? 



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Hi @RJL 

Unfortunately there is no standardized documentation for this as it would vary app to app.

The surest way to determine what data points are available from a trigger or on an action/search is to configure the Zap steps.

Plus actions/searches have DATA IN and DATA OUT which are different data points.

Documentation can get stale quickly as app’s are continually updating their APIs, but an app’s API documentation is likely to be the most updated documentation altho not always the easiest to read and understand.

TIP: When in doubt, test it out!

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Hi @RJL!

Are you referring to the fields that are available in the Zap editor when configuring an action step, or is it more about what’s possible with the API itself?

If it’s the first one, I’m afraid we don’t have a list anywhere that shows which fields are available. Once upon a time you could change the URL in your address bar to go directly to that step without having to connect an account, but I don’t believe that works anymore.

If it’s the second option you’re curious about, then API docs will be the sure-fire to know what’s possible with any given app.

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

Hi Andrew,  I am all set.  I set up an account and used the zap editor to list fields.  Thanks, Bob