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How to keep checking for new leads

Hello, I am trying to create a zap that connects Nutshell and Proposify. What I hope to accomplish is: A new lead is created, the Sales Lead can check the details of the lead, and if it passes certain parameters, move the lead into the qualified stage, then a proposal is generated to a specific proposal template from the qualified leads. I am able to create the filter that only qualified leads go to Proposify. But I want a “new" lead to stay new even when time has passed.

Something like: PATH A: If there is a qualified new lead created, create a proposal. PATH B: If there is a new lead that’s not qualified, check again (the lead maybe qualified now), and then if so create the proposal.

When the zap checks for new leads, does it only look for new leads since the last check? Or is there a way to determine how far back it checks.


Best answer by TMccormick01 27 March 2023, 05:15

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Hi @TMccormick01 

Good question.

The Nutshell Zap app doesn’t have a trigger for Updated Lead.

You’d have to look into using the Nutshell API and their webhooks.

The Zap trigger would be: Webhooks - Catch Hook



Thank you that was exactly what I needed to do!

It took me a while to figure out webhooks and etc. but in case anyone else needs this: I added the webhook - Catch hook as the trigger, then used the link that was provided and added it to Nutshell (nutshell has instructions on where to add webhooks), then I went back to the Zap and added a filter as the next step for only Stage 3 leads, then I added “create proposal” as the final action step and voila!

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Hi @TMccormick01 

Thank you for sharing what worked for you! This will definitely help others.

If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 😊