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How to in add subtask automatically in Asana?

  • 10 November 2021
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I am a beginner.

When a new task is created in a project in Asana, is there a way to automatically add a subtask?

When a new task is added, I knows how to add subtasks to a specific task.

However, when a new task is created, I am curious how to automatically create a new subtask in the created task.


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Hey @superbeginner ,


Yes, this is possible. You can use below Asana action




Thank you for your response.


However, it looks like the function is only added to the specified task instead of automatically being added to a newly created one.


Can you think of any other ways to solve this issue? :cry:


Thank you again!

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Hey @superbeginner ,


You can add the sub tasks in newly created tasks also. Click on Custom and give the input of task from above action. 



With this you will create sub tasks in newly created tasks.




I tried what you suggested but I think that the 'custom' category is selecting a 'task id', which makes the subtask be only added to the specified 'task id'.


Please correct me if I'm wrong or misunderstanding anything.


To clarify, I'm trying to make a subtask of my choice to be automatically added to each newly created task in a certain project.


Thank you!

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Hey @superbeginner ,


The method which I told you above will create sub tasks in newly created tasks.For Eg - If you create Task A -> Subtask will be created in Task A. If you create Task B -> Subtask will be created in Task B, and so on.


I hope this is what you are looking for.



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Hi @superbeginner 

  1. Trigger: New Task in Project
  2. Action: Asana - Create Subtask (map the ID of the Task from Step 1)
    1. This will create a Subtask on the Task that triggered the Zap

Here’s a help article for changing the trigger test data:

You can also turn the Zap ON and test live, then check your Zap Runs for the DATA IN/OUT for each step:

Asana also has Rules which you may be able to use if you have the proper plan:

TIP: When in doubt, test it out!