How to Import Google Analytics medium/source with New Deal.

  • 5 January 2022
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Thank you in advance for any help!

We’re trying to learn more about which advertising platforms create the most valuable leads for us. Does anyone know how to send the medium/source information from a Wordpress form submission in Google Analytics to a Pipedrive Deal?

I can’t seem to find Zaps that do this currently.

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7 replies

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Hi @ElkRiverTN,

Your zap should look like this:

  1. Trigger: whichever webform you have on your site
  2. Action: Pipedrive “Create Deal”

In the action step, make sure to include the medium/source in the Pipedrive custom fields. Or you can add a third “Create Note” action step to store the medium/source in the deal. You’ll have to make sure to include the “Deal ID” to link the note to the deal.

I hope this helps! 

Hi @Nate,

Thank you for your response! I’m trying to follow your instructions but I’m running into an issue with including medium/source.

  1. Trigger Event: New Goals
  2. Action: Create Deal in Pipedrive
    1. I don’t see any custom fields
    2. When I try to insert data into the notes field, I can’t find channels, source or medium as an option.
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@ElkRiverTN you’ll need to create the custom fields in Pipedrive first.



@Nate Is there a way to include the medium/source in the Notes field that’s already available with a new deal?

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@ElkRiverTN to add a note you’ll need to add a third step to your zap and select the “Deal ID” from step 2 to link the note to the deal. 

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I’d be happy to take a look if you can’t figure it out:

@Nate Thank you. I’m good with adding a note to the deal. But I don’t see the data available to add the medium/source from Analytics to it. I just see a bunch of options like: Name, Kind, Value, ID, etc.