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How to I get the URL of a Quickbooks invoice to push into Salesforce?

  • 15 June 2022
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I was able to set up ZAP’s that will put into about any new invoice into the corresponding Salesforce Opportunity (new invoice sent on date x, invoice number x, to user x, due date x, terms x, balance x). I then also created another one so if the invoice is paid, it will modify the balance in the opportunity and also add the payment date. 

All great. But the one thing I can’t solve (and I begin to realize it is probably not possible) is to also push a url to the invoice into Salesforce.

There is no info about the URL in the new invoice data. So I thought of a workaround, sent a bcc email to the zapier parse account and….nothing useful in that email either. the “review and pay” button URL is simply not visible or parseable. 

That was my great idea, i have no others…

Has anybody solved this? 



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Actually I played around with parse and now I can actually see the message body. But I have no idea how to now parse the oneURL out of the text. There are about 7+ long url’s in there. some start with https:// and some with http://. Mine is easy to find (the one I need). 

I tried all kinds of things on the Formatting tool but nothing worked. when I did the find url it always found only the first one not all the others. 

The email starts like this and I need to find the second url, the one that is ALWASY following [Review and pay]

Underneath the Powered by Quickbooks are at least another 7 url’s, none important to me. 





![]( 14624877660000)

Test, Inc.


DUE 07/14/2022

USD 50.00

[Review and pay](

Powered by QuickBooks

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nevermind, I fixed it. I am now able to get URL’s for every invoice we sent via QB’s and I stuff them into salesforce


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Hey there, @hoodoo! Yay, I’m so glad to see you were able to get this sorted on your own! 
Do you mind sharing any specific steps you took and/or your ultimate solution? We’d love to know and I’m sure the Community could benefit from your help! 🤗

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Happy to help. It took me a while (mainly because i have no experience with Zapier) and with their help I did the following.

We wanted all invoices and payments in Salesforce and also URL’s to the invoice. So let me explain all I did and if it is useful, great, if it is too much, sorry.


  1. I added a field to each invoice (Opportunity ID) so when an invoice is created we put in the opportunity ID. 
  2. Now when an invoice is created, we check if the opportunity field starts with a 0 (I would have picked is not empty but that did not exist) and if that matches, we look up that opportunity ID in SF and if it matches, we push the following fields to SF:
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice emailed to:
  • Invoice due date:
  • Invoice Balance:
  1. At the same time I also wanted payment and URL. For Payments I did the same as above but for payment and we push the following info into SF:
  • Payment date
  • Balance (so if all was paid it will be zero and if a partial payment was made it will show open balance. 
  1. To solve the URL problem I did the following.
  • BCC a parse zapier email box for every invoice
  • step 1 is new email arrives at parse
  • step 2 is this the below. I know the URL I need is after the text Review and pay:
  • Next step is to extract the URL:
  • Next step is to extract the Invoice number (which I need to match the SF record invoice number): 
  • Now I just match the invoice record in SF:
  • And update the record with new balance and payment date:


Some things I learned the hard way:

  1. Make default fields in SF larger because many emails are larger than 30 characters.
  2. This insanely long URL required a very large text field with 2000 characters (I think I used that)






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Wow, this is phenomenal! 🙌🏽 Thanks for taking the time to put together such a detailed walkthrough. We love  to see it! 😍