How to I connect a Pandadoc Checkbox to a hubspot multi-select option?

  • 3 March 2021
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Having massive issues connecting a multiple choice question on our customer form to the relevant multi-select in their Hubspot company profile.


Barring the obvious difficulty in identifying the relevant pandadoc checkbox, it should be a simple matter of a true/false statement being directed to the relevant true/false multiselect in Hubspot, but I can’t seem to get the command right in zapier to connect the two.


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6 replies

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Hi @ShaneM 

Have you tried mapping 0 or 1 in Hubspot instead of true/false? Sometimes that does the trick.

So what should the action actually look like in Zapier? Want to make sure I have that right before remapping anything.

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Hi @ShaneM 

Check out this help article from HubSpot:


Add values to a multiple checkboxes property in an import

To add or append values to a multiple checkboxes property in an import, add a semicolon before the first value, and then, between each additional value (;value 2;value 3; value 4) in your import file.

These options must be created in your property prior to the import.

For example, if you have a Items property and a contact already has a value lawn mowers for it, you can import additional values to the property for that contact by including the following in the Product column of your CSV for that contact:


Hi @Troy Tessalone ,


That’s really helpful, but I’m trying to say “If imported value is [true], then check [Value] in [Multi-Select]”, so I’m still a bit stuck.


Any Ideas?

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You’ll need some step to translate a checkbox being “true” to the desired value in the multiselect.

(If you want to get more technical a Code step can do that.)

Then you can map the translated values to the HubSpot multiselect field as seen below, with multiple options mapped to the same field.

NOTE: When mapping, dynamically HubSpot expects the smaller gray value for an option, as seen in the bottom screenshot.


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Hi @ShaneM!

Did @Troy Tessalone’s suggestion help here? We’d love to know if you were able to get to the bottom of this, and if you still need some help please let us know!