How to grant access to multiple products in Skool based on GoHighLevel funnel events?

  • 5 July 2023
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Hello! I'm trying to grant access to products in Skool after they purchase my core product and a series of bumps, upsells, and downsells in my GoHighLevel (Leadconnector) funnel.

We have one core product, one bump, two upsells, and two downsells.

Currently, in Zapier, I have a zap that fires when each conversion event happens in GHL.

The issue I'm having is that each of these events fires independently because of the variable nature of the funnel. So Skool sends out a single invitation for each one individually. But each subsequent invitation overwrites the previous ones. So they only get access to whichever product is in the final invitation.

The only possible solution I've found is to grant access to just the core product in Skool.

And then set up a Zap that's triggered when they sign up and answer the Skool new member question. But I'm a bit lost after that how to get Zapier to reference GHL to match the trigger to the right user, find their tags to see which other products they bought, and grant access to the right products in Skool.

Any ideas how to do this, or any other solutions to this problem?

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Hi @LewisS 

Good question.

The GHL API may have to be used:

Zap Action: LeadConnector - API Request


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