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How to get Zapier to pull booking reference and customer email from Tidio?

  • 16 October 2021
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Hello all, I am a student who is now doing an assignment for a module. Being a first time Zapier user and never touched on any automation stuff before, I am facing a roadblock.

I am doing a prototype for a chatbot that will update customers' status on google sheets.

The flow is this:

  1. Customer enters reference number on chatbot

  2. The chatbot will trigger Zapier to check against Google Sheet for matching reference number

  3. Zapier will trigger the chatbot to prompt the customer for the corresponding email address

  4. Once the customer enters the email address on the chatbot, Zapier will trigger a check on the corresponding line on google sheets

  5. Once the reference number matches the email address, an one time password will be emailed to the email address, and the chatbot will prompt the customer to check the email and enter the one time password

  6. The customer will enter the one time password, and if the password matches, Zapier will update the customer status by inputting a standard text in the corresponding cell

So far, I have created the following:

- Twilio OTP for email

- Google sheet with customer data, such as reference number, email, and status

- Chatbot on Tidio

But now I am facing a roadblock on:

- Pulling the booking reference from Tidio

- Getting Zapier to send a prompt to Tidio asking for the corresponding email (essentially stuck at number 2)

Can someone tell me how I should go about getting Tidio to pull the right details upon prompt and getting Zapier to trigger a request to the customer via Tidio to get the corresponding email?

Attached is the flowchart for easy visualisation.

Thank you all!



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Hey @squiggly85, welcome to the Community!

It seems Tidio only has a single trigger and no actions available. Looking at Tidio’s API I’m not seeing any endpoints referenced that you could use a Webhook step in order to search for the booking reference/email. So it doesn’t look like you’d be able to create that exact workflow.

If the user was asked to submit the booking reference and email before the Tidio contact is sent then you could potentially use Tidio’s Contact Sent From Bot trigger which may then be able to provide the booking reference and customer’s email. Then use a Lookup Spreadsheet Row action for Google Sheets to search for the booking reference or email address. Next, you’d likely want to use a Paths or Filter step to check whether those details were found and carry out any desired actions like a Send SMS in Twilio or an Updated Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets for example. 

I hope that helps! :)