How to get phatombuster outputs as a Line Item and feedback to hubspot

  • 24 December 2020
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Im using hubspot and phatnombuster integration.

My zap works as follows

  1. Zap is triggered if linkedin url gets added in hubspt contact
  2. Then it retrives linkedin url and linkedin session cookies from hubspot and feeds to phantombuster profile scraper
  3. The phantom scrapes linkedin information based on url
  4. The output is fed again to hubspot to fill up cloumns like current job, profile headline, desception,etc

I'm facing problems in step 4. I get the output as json file(Single line) or a csv file(Only last row is useful)


Can anyone share how to convert json file to line item based output?


How to use only last row of csv?

When I load csv the output combines all rows , whereas I only need last row.

Current output using utilites is : Name1, Name2, Name3 

Required output is: Name3

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4 replies

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Hi @jbro - Can you show me an example JSON or CSV output? Thanks!

[{"general":{"imgUrl":"","fullName":"Siddharth Dalwadi","headline":"Business Development Lead: West India at Amazon Web Services (AWS)","company":"Amazon Web Services (AWS)","school":"UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School","location":"Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India","connections":"500+ connections","profileUrl":"","connectionsCount":500,"connectionDegree":"3rd+","description":"World Wide Public Sector | INDIA | Education","firstName":"Testfirstname","lastName":"testlastname","vmid":"ACoAABawqScBXmwQK_LmVA8YN4GqDhGT2ThodLw","linkedinSalesNavigatorUrl":",name","mutualConnectionsUrl":"","connectionsUrl":"","subscribers":559,"backgroundUrl":""},"jobs":[{"companyName":"Amazon Web Services (AWS)","companyUrl":"","jobTitle":"Business Development Lead: West India","dateRange":"Apr 2020 – Present","location":"Bengaluru, Karnataka, India","description":null},{"companyName":"Amazon Web Services (AWS)","companyUrl":"","jobTitle":"Business Development Lead","dateRange":"Oct 2019 – Mar 2020","location":"Bengaluru, Karnataka, India","description":null},{"companyName":"Amazon Web Services (AWS)","companyUrl":"","jobTitle":"Lead Development Representative","dateRange":"Mar 2018 – Sep 2019","location":"County Dublin, Ireland","description":null},{"companyName":"Lycamobile Group","companyUrl":"","jobTitle":"Area Sales Executive","dateRange":"Nov 2016 – Mar 2018","location":"Dublin","description":"- Working closely with retailers and other merchandisers to increase Brand awareness of Lycamobile and its products\n- Drive Sales and revenue in accordance with Management targets\n- Preparing intuitive Branding reports every month\n- Managing Stock levels and distribution of Lycamobile products \n- Managing 300 plus retailers and merchandisers in the allocated zone."},{"companyName":"Cognizant","companyUrl":"","jobTitle":"Business Development Executive","dateRange":"Sep 2013 – Jul 2016","location":"Bengaluru Area, India","description":"Project Description: \n\nQA Hub ‚is product portfolio that leverages Cognizant’s best of breed technology to address key challenges in the QA lifecycle. \nQA Hub has a portfolio of products ranging from test lifecycle products to Industry specific tools.\n\nRoles & Responsibilities:\n\n•\tResponsible for gathering business requirements, communicate with development, QA\n•\tHandling the ‘Business expansion’ and ‘Strategy formulation’ for Cognizant QA hub Products\n•\tResearching on implementing new enhancements\n•\tConducting client demos for various QA Hub products (face to face, video con, tele con).\n•\tMarket Research\n•\tCreating Return on Investment (ROI) documents for all the software tools\n•\tGenerating healthy pipeline for internal sales\n•\tResponsible for running various marketing campaigns to generate interest and awareness about QA Hub™ across locations\n•\tConducted Roadshows for different products across Locations\n•\tPrepare intuitive reports and graphs, which depict the health of QA Hub™ products.\n•\tIdentifying prospective customers (Pro Active Sales)\n•\tServing as a liaison between the Customer and offshore development team\n\n\n"}],"schools":[{"schoolUrl":"","schoolName":"UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School","degree":"Master's degree","degreeSpec":"Management","dateRange":"2016 – 2017","description":""},{},{"schoolUrl":"","schoolName":"PES University","degree":"Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)","degreeSpec":"Electronics and Communications Engineering","dateRange":"2009 – 2013"}],"details":{"linkedinProfile":"","companyWebsite":"","mailFromDropcontact":""},"skills":[{"name":"Microsoft Office","endorsements":"5"},{"name":"Customer Service","endorsements":"3"},{"name":"Microsoft Excel","endorsements":"3"},{"name":"HTML","endorsements":"3"},{"name":"Microsoft Word","endorsements":"2"},{"name":"C++","endorsements":"2"},{"name":"PowerPoint","endorsements":"1"},{"name":"SQL","endorsements":"1"},{"name":"C","endorsements":"1"},{"name":"Leadership","endorsements":"2"}],"allSkills":"Microsoft Office, Customer Service, Microsoft Excel, HTML, Microsoft Word, C++, PowerPoint, SQL, C, Leadership","dropcontact":{"email":"","qualification":"test@pro","civility":"Mr","company":"Amazon Web Services (Aws)","first_name":"testfirstname","full_name":"firstname lastname","last_name":"Dalwadi","linkedin":"","naf5_code":"47.91A","naf5_des":"Vente à distance sur catalogue général","nb_employees":"250-499","siren":"487773327","siret":"48777332700027","siret_address":"67 fake street","siret_city":"testcity","siret_zip":"12345","vat":"FR123456789","website":""},"query":"","timestamp":"2020-12-24T00:45:55.895Z"}]


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@ikbelkirasan Hi The json results are in the message and csv file is attached

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Hey @jbro if you’re just trying to get Name 3 could you use Zapier’s split text feature to return the value? - If you split the text into separate values, you’ll be able to grab the third value as you’ve stated. 


Let me know if that works… Or feel free to book some time with me at using the calendar on the bottom right. I’m sure I can solve your problem on a call.