How to get Page Name when Facebook Pages is used as trigger?

  • 28 October 2021
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We have developed a zapier Integration “Linux Foundation”. This app is meant for the open-source community to monitor the activity on Facebook Pages meant for each of their projects. They get insights into how the entire community is participating. With our app used as action, the user is expected to map the fields from trigger app to corresponding fields in our app.

In order to make thier life easy, we have created template. But we still have once field which the user has to type i.e. Facebook Page Name being monitored.

Is there a better way so that we can automatically get the FB Page being monitored? The objective is to make zap creation process as smooth as possible.

Thank You.

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3 replies

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Hey @Naveen GM,

It sounds like you’re looking for a way to not have to select the specific Facebook page for each project, correct? If so, is that on the Facebook Pages trigger step or in a subsequent step in the Zap? 

If it’s the trigger step - it looks like the Page field is a required field for all the Facebook Pages triggers, so it wouldn’t be possible. You’d need to select the Facebook Page for the different projects on each Zap. 

If it’s another step in the Zap, then it would depend on whether you’re able to get the name of the page output by the Facebook Pages trigger step. If not and you’re only able to get the page’s ID number for example, then you might be able to use a lookup table step to automatically convert the ID into the name.

Normally I’d suggest using a Formatter (Utilities > Lookup Table) step for that (Create lookup tables in Zaps) but if you’ve got lots of Facebook pages then it may be better to create the lookup table in Google Sheets instead. That way you can have multiple different Zaps referencing the same lookup table.

You can find out more about how to do that here:

I hope that helps! :)

Hi @SamB ,

Thank you for your response.

Asking user to select the Facebook Page in trigger Step is not a problem. We want our users to select the page they want to monitor. That way they will decide the page they want to monitor.

Our requirement was getting Facebook Page name selected in the trigger step, in the subsequent steps. The output fields of the trigger step is not giving the Page name. It is not giving the Page ID either. 

Using a Look up method may not be useful, because we do not know what all pages our community members want to monitor. We don’t have the list of pages beforehand.

However, your message helped me take a look at the sample outputs with fresh perspective and here is what I found.

We looked at sample output data for various page posts. It looks like we may have to decipher the Page Id from event Id. A sample event Id is: id: 100429079033140_112967384445976

The first part of the above Id is the Page Id. We may have extract this Id and do something with this so that we get the Page Name being monitored.

Thank you,

Naveen GM

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Thanks for clarifying that @Naveen GM :)

Glad to hear you were able to get see the Page ID from within the Event ID. You could potentially use a Formatter (Text > Split Text) step to extract just the page ID.

To do that you’d use _ as the Separator and select First as the Segment Index. For example:

Then you could supply this info to the Lookup Table. It’s possible to see the Page ID for the individual pages by following the instructions outlined here: How do I find my Facebook Page ID? 

That way you could compile a list of all the pages and their corresponding IDs in the lookup table. Though depending on how many pages there are this may not be a super ideal solution as could take some time to put together!