how to get bot into discord without permissions


I create a cool automation between google form and my private discord. Now, I want to roll it out on the community server. The owner is okay with it, but he can not give me permissions “manage server”. What other means do I have to get the zappier bot into discord? It is also not an option to have the server owner create the automation with my account / him creating a new account.

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thanks for the reply. 

Once the webhook is created, where do I enter that webhook? On Zappier I have 

  1. Create new Forum Post in Discord > Account > Connect to account > Discord pop up opens and I have to choose server where I do not have the permissions …

What do I need to do with the webhook?

@MInakshi_Aro hello in case you missed my further follow up to your answer. Kindest regards

Sadly I can not find the zapier bot in the app directory of discord searching for “zapier”

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Hi there, @Heptapod, welcome to the Community! 😁

Unfortunately MInakshi_Aro’s reply was an AI-generated spam post that contained a suspicious link to an external site, so it’s been removed. 

To use the Discord app on Zapier it would require you would indeed need to be the owner or manager of that community server.

However, if you can get the owner to create a webhook for you on the community server which would give you access to post messages via a bot, then you could use a Webhooks by Zapier action to post to that server. I shared a tutorial on how to embed images in Discord message a while back which explains this sort of approach here: 

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. If you run into any issues or have further questions just let us know!