How to get a compare a value based on Formula?

What I am trying : 

I have the start date based on which I am calculating what would be the date after 14 weeks (which works) . The condition is that if the current date matches the date of the 14 weeks , then on a separate column it should give a “Yes” (which works as well) and send a message on Slack  . 

The issue that I am facing is that until and unless I don't press the “Enter Key” , on that column , it does not run the Zapier  and thus the message doesnot appear on Slack 


I am using ZOHO SHEETS.




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Hi there @Jeff12,

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Before we dig deeper into this, could you please try changing the trigger to the “New or Updated Row” trigger? This will help me narrow down the issue you’re running into.


But I only want it to run if there is any change n column 4 

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Hi there @Jeff12,

I replicated your Zap, and I was able to get the Zap to trigger by updating a column and clicking on the next row of the spreadsheet. Have you tried doing that method to see if the Zap will trigger?

I'll be keeping an eye out for your response!