How to format multiple value fields and perform math? (ActiveCampaign-->Google Sheets)

  • 23 September 2021
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I’m trying to have ActiveCampaign update Deals or create new rows for new Deals into a Google Sheet. Everything is working great except for some reason, ActiveCampaign spits out dollar amounts in CENTS and not whole dollars which is just...frustrating. I have multiple columns in my Google Sheets that need to be dollar values formatted as currency. I can get my zap to divide by 100 to get the proper dollar value and format it correctly, the thing I’m having trouble with is how to format 3 different columns this way without having to do a math step and a formatting step each time. Is this possible? 

Here is some sample data with the two columns highlighted that are coming over as cents instead of dollars. What’s the most efficient way to achieve conversion to whole dollars?

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3 replies

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Hi @PaperGrail 

A Code step could be used to handle the math conversion:



Hi Troy,

Bold of you to assume I know how to code :grin: I appreciate your response, though! 

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Your options are multiple Formatter steps or 1 Code step.

Or you can try using this Formatter step: Formatter > Numbers > Spreadsheet-Style Formula

You can also code formulas into the GSheet step like such: =[VALUE]/2