How to format and import JotForm address data into Halo using Zapier?

  • 8 April 2024
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I’ve tried and Tried and found the AI useless in formatting the Address in the Right way.


I have this expression coming in from Jotform

We mostly get Unit addresses, but some times it is a standalone house.

So I need to extract both using 

Example With A Unit Address:
Street name: xxxxxx Unit/Street Number: Unit x/xx City: xxxxxx State: xxx Postal code: xxxx Country: xxxxxxxx

Example Without A Unit Address:
Street name: xxxxxxxxtUnit/Street Number: xx City: xxxxxxx State: xxx Postal code: xxxx Country: xxxxxxxx

I want to import it into Halo which has 4x Address fields & a Postcode field.

I want to output like this

Address 1: Unit xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx (if it is a Unit)

Address 1: xx xxxxxx xxxxx (if Not a unit)

Address 2: xxxxxx
Address 3: xxx
Address 4: xxxxxxx
Address 5: xxxx

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4 replies

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Hi @communitymember01 

One option is to use a Code step to parse out the data points:

Sorry I am the OP.

Thanks Troy, 


I’m not familiar with Pytohn or Java programing.

I thought it was possible wiht the AI Thingy:

Isn’t that is what it is for???


I don’t understand what I’m supposed to put in here???


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Help articles for using Code:


This is to name an input variable that is then reference within the Code.