How to find username for YouTube channels?

  • 19 August 2020
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I am trying to make it so that when a YouTube channel gets/uploads a new video, that it would already send a message to a channel in my Discord server.


I have been able to do that with a certain channel, when I click on the channel it has a unique /channel/username but for other ones its a bunch of jumbled letters and numbers and stuff.


How can I link them if they are like that?


Also a followup question, in Discord when you put a link a video comes out where you can play it directly on Discord, I tried multiple ways to format it so that when the message comes in the video can be played but is it cause it’s from a Zapier Bot that the video doesn’t “unfurl” ? 


Hope someone can help me this is my first time using Zapier and submitting a question. 

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2 replies

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Hello! Welcome to the community! can you show us some screenshots of what’s happening please and what you’d like to happen instead?

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Hey @Johnitor, we just wanted to check in again on this! Mind letting us know exactly what’s being produced by the Zap and what you were hoping to happen instead? That will help us point you in the right direction here. Let us know!