How to find the next event in my Google Calendar schedule

  • 3 February 2022
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Hey everyone! I’m trying to build a Zap that will update my Slack status, and keep that status active until my next meeting. Here’s the workflow I envision:

  1. I call a webhook (catch hook trigger) using a third-party app
  2. My Zap looks for the next event (the one happening soonest) in my Google Calendar (find event action)
  3. My Zap sets my Slack status until the start time of the event in step 2.

Any advice on pulling off the second step of this Zap? I don’t have a consistent search term to look for in my event names.

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1 reply

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Hi @jstych 

I have solved similarish solutions… using the search term “.” which would match any event in Google calendar. 

Try playing around with something like the below. You may have to modify the start/end times depending on what your schedule looks like…