How to Filter Out State from Lead Location without filtering D.C.

  • 6 October 2023
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We’re trying to make a Zap that takes the Lead Location (Which includes STATE, COUNTRY) and have it only output the STATE to our CRM.

As of now, the Zap we have will filter out the COUNTRY correctly, except for when “Washington, D.C.” is the input. The Zap will filter out “D.C.” and the CRM will only display “Washington” as the Lead Location.

How can I make an exception within the Zap so that Every U.S. state can be corectly filtered without also incorrectly filtering out “D.C.” for when “Washington D.C.” is the input?

The current Zap used to filter the Lead Location


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1 reply

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Hi @JustisConnection 

Good question.

You can add another step before.

Zap action: Formatter > Text > Replace

Washington, D.C. > Washington D.C.


NOTE: You can use 1 Code step instead of multiple Formatter steps.