How to filter out abandoned calls from Freshcaller to Freshdesk?

  • 15 February 2023
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Hi everyone, i’m trying to filter out abandoned calls in Freshcaller, to Freshdesk. For now we have a Zap which is creating tickets automatically when a call is completed. But it also creates tickets when a call is abandoned (saying: we couldn’t pick up the phone and/or they went to voicemail due to business hours). I’m trying to filter out these calls, but nothing has worked yet. Does anyone know?

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3 replies

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Hi there @Studytube! 👋

Does the Call Completed trigger receive that “we couldn’t pick up the phone and/or they went to voicemail due to business hours” message in one of its fields? If yes, then you should be able to use the filter to check whether that message is contained in the relevant Freshcaller field.

But if that message only appears inside of Freshcaller then perhaps you could try using the duration of the call to filter out abandoned calls. I’m guessing an abandoned call would have a duration of something like 00:00 or null (you’ll want to double-check which it is) as no one answered the call. In which case you would set the filter to check whether the Duration matched null for example.

Do you think either of those that might work?

Hi @SamB! Thank you for your quick response. We have figured out that the problem has to do with outbound calls. The Zapier will create a ticket, but does not give the information about the assigned_team_name. Is this even possible?

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Hey there, @Studytube! Ah, I see!

Hmm, would you like to filter out the completed outbound calls?

I believe this value should be coming through but it’s under: assigned_team_id. When you test the “New Completed Call” trigger do you see anything listed in that field? If it says null it’s possible the Freshcaller sample doesn’t have anything associated with that field and needs to be configured there first and/or a fresh sample needs to get pulled in. 🙂

Could you give that a shot and keep us posted?