How to extract xero Invoice PDF and send it to Salesforce

Hi All,

We are getting Xero Invoice PDF value in “Find invoice Element” in our Zap but how to convert that in to PDF and store in our Salesforce instance ?


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@Robin Jain Hey you can link the “invoice pdf” field to the field that is “file” in your salesforce action. 


Mine below is from Xero get invoice → Upload file in dropbox and I did exactly the same thing. 



Are you storing Xero Invoice PDF in your dropbox ? Is above configuration working for you ?
When i am doing same thing using Document object in Salesforce to store invoice , record is creating in SF but instead of PDF there is URL which is not giving any fruitful result



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Hi friends, 

You might want to dehydrate a file if you want the Zap to return the contents of the file. More about on how to dehydrate a file here: 

Hopefully, this helps!