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How to extract email addresses from purchase confirmation emails?

  • 5 September 2021
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Dear Zapier Community!

I’ve been searching for this in our Community but have not found, and I need your help!

  1. I receive automatic payment confirmation each time when a customer buys my product.
  2. Payment confirmation has a customer’s E-mail that inside the content of confirmation E-mail. Customer’s E-mail is already registered on the list in Active Campaign.
  3. I want zap that triggers when purchase confirmation E-mail lands in the box, searches for customer’s E-mail inside purchase confirmation E-mail content and add specific tag to the same E-mail in Active Campaign.

This is going to save a lot of my time and improve customer’s experience.



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4 replies

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Hi @Przemysław 

Try using the Formatter > Text > Extract Email action step:

Ok this works but limited only to the first E-mail from text filed. What if I want to extract another E-mail from the same field?

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Try using the Formatter > Text > Extract Pattern action step:

Or you can use a Code step:

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I just came across this and wanted to confirm that the Formatter (Text > Extract Pattern) that Troy mentioned has the ability to return multiple email addresses.

To achieve that you’d need to set the Match All field to Yes:


The pattern you’d use to extract the email addresses (see How to Extract Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Links From Text) is as follows:


Provided the email addresses only use standard English characters the pattern above should work for all standard email addresses, sub-domains, and TLDs. :)