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How to extract daily subscriptions from App Store Developer account using Zapier?

  • 25 October 2023
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Is it at all possible to connect ZAPIER to the APPSTORE Developer account to daily extract subscriptions frmo sales of an app?


Best answer by SamB 31 October 2023, 12:53

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3 replies

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Hi @flandiddly 

Good question.

You can search available Zap apps here:

Apple tends to be a locked ecosystem.

Hi Troy,


Yes ive been through all the zaps and couldn’t see anything that would connect. Im guessing I may have to try a webhook or export from appstore/googleplay a csv manually into googlesheets. 

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Hello and welcome to the Community, @flandiddly! 👋

Both the Apple App Store and Google Play are on our internal wishlist of apps to have added to Zapier so I’ve gone and added your vote for them. I can’t promise when or if they will be added but we’ll definitely let you know once they are!

In the meantime your best bet would likely be, as you mentioned, either to try using a webhook or import an exported CSV file.

If you did want to go down the more advanced webhook route, Apple’s App Store does have an API available ( So you could potentially connect to it using a webhook or by building a custom integration on the Zapier Platform. I’ve not tested this out myself but it seems like Apple’s Download Sales and Trends Reports endpoint might be able to give you a daily report of the subscription sales.

With Google Play there’s a Play Developer Reporting API but it doesn’t appear to give access to any sales data. So you may need to manually export the reports manually for that one.

Hope that helps! 🙂