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How to extract a unique ID from a URL pattern using the Zapier Formatter?

  • 17 August 2023
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I have a sense that I can do this with the Formatter, but I’m not quite sure how to do it? 

Overall, i’m looking to extract a unique Id from within a url pattern, for example{string-of-numbers-and-letters}/edit

  • My trigger will include a chunk of HTML content. 
  • I’ll filter the Zap steps to only continue when it contains the beginning URL structure i’m looking for, but the URL itself will be wrapped within a bunch of other text and html code


<p> hey, danny.</p>
<p> try this link:{string-of-numbers-and-letters}/edit </p>
<p> hope this helps!</p>

How do I go about extracting that unique Id string from within the URL pattern so that I can use it in subsequent steps? 

(If it helps, my use case is that subsequent steps are using this unique Id in API calls that need that Id)


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Hi @ddpancratz 

Good question.


  1. Ask AI
    1. Zap action: ChatGPT - Extract Structured Data
  2. Code
    1. Custom JavaScript
  3. Formatter > Text > Split
    1. Multiple Zap actions
  4. Formatter > Text > Extract Pattern
    1. Try this:




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A Code by Zapier Python step would do it.

Assuming you map that URL to an Input Data field called `url`:


output = [{'part_i_want': input_data['url'].split('/')[-2]}]



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Thanks, all. We’ve solved this with the code step.