How to deliver digital media download on Freshbooks payment

  • 19 September 2022
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I’m looking for a way to automatically deliver a digital media download link when a payment has been received on Freshbooks.
The link will be unique to each customer so I would need a way to save that link when I create the invoice so when the client makes the payment they receive the download link by e-mail or another convenient method.

Hope someone here can help!

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6 replies

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Hi @artinflight 

Good question.

In what app will the link be saved?

What will the link structure be to make the value unique?

Which app would send the email? (e.g. Gmail)

Hi Troy,

Thanks for your response.

The link can be saved in any app, I’m thinking a draft email in Gmail that sends when payment goes through. It’s too bad we don’t have hidden fields in Freshbooks to add the invoice and have it accessed by Zapier.

The link will be to an AWS s3 bucket where the zip file for the client with their media is stored. I’m a photographer and am delivering photos/videos to clients.

Hoping there’s a way!

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You may need to use a GSheet to log/lookup the desired data.


A Gmail Draft can be created via a Zap, but you can’t then find/send that Gmail Draft.


Thanks again Troy,

Do you know if there is any functionality that sends a message of any type to a client on Freshbooks ( when payment has been received )



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Try searching the Freshbooks help resources:

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Hii @artinflight! just wanted to pop in and see if you were able to get this rolling with some of @Troy Tessalone’s tips?

Here’s a resource that could be helpful in creating a lookup table in Google Sheets:

Keep us posted! 🙂