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How to create Zoom meeting with email address in URL?

  • 6 December 2023
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Hello, I’m working on a Zap which creates a Zoom meeting on behalf of another user. When I construct the URL to include the user’s Zoom ID, it works fine. However, when I use their email address, I get the error ‘Invalid URL’. I’m using the API Request step to create the Zoom meeting.

When I use Postman and enter an email address in the URL, it works fine. Is there anything in particular I need to do in Zapier when constructing a URL that contains an email address?

Here’s what does work. However, I want to replace the Zoom User ID with an email address.



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 6 December 2023, 23:11

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Hi @donovanwatts 

Good question.

Which Zoom API endpoint are you trying to use? (link to docs)

You may need to try encoding the email address.

You could use a Formula field in Airtable to do that or a Zap Formatter step.

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URL encode for the win! Thanks again @Troy Tessalone that did the trick.

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This is great because now I don’t have to track or lookup a user id in zoom. All I need is the email address and I’m good to go.