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How to create relationships and calculate fields in Zapier Tables?

  • 19 October 2023
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In all honesty, I am kind of new to zapier tables. So maybe it’s a dumb question.

There are 2 main things I am strugling with:

  1. How to create a relationship between 2 Zapier Tables fields? The goal is to see data in a field of a table that comes from another field in another table based on a unique identifier.
  2. How to calculate a field based on the data in another field based on code or spreadsheet like formula’s. Do you really need to make a zap everytime? This would take up a lot more time then simply writing an arrayformula in google sheets.

I really would appreciate any help. Sorry in advance if this is kind of basic, but all youtube videos or articles I have read do not really cover this 101 course😅.



Best answer by Troy Tessalone 19 October 2023, 16:01

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6 replies

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Hi @CarlosVB 

Good question.

Instead, you may want to use Airtable, which has these capabilities:

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Thanks Troy, but I thought that this was the entire point of Zapier Tables, to get everything within one SAAS.

UI / DB and automation.

Have to say there are other things that aren’t really up to standard (in my humble opinion) for zapier to ask a payable upgrade.

  1. If for every calculation you will need to make a zap. No one will have enough in there paid plan to execute it. On top of that it is very very time consuming
  2. The data does not load from record 100 (even after upgrading)
  3. ...
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Zapier Tables is still very much a new product and is continuing to be developed to add features and functionality.

Airtable is a fully built out product from years of development at this point.


You can share feedback and feature requests with the Zapier Tables team via a ticket here:

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Thanks for the tip👍🏽. Still, kinda strange that they ask to upgrade if it is this much bèta😁. I can’t really see the point of “interfaces” either if the tables (DB) is not up to par. I mean standalone tables / non relational DB’s that is going backwards, no? Especially for an automation company. I see more work not less. Or am I to critical now? That could well be, long day on the job😂

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Both Tables are Interfaces are ~1 year into dev.

I expect both to continue to improve in all areas.

At it’s core Zapier is an automation company.

At it’s core Airtable is a database company.

Probably best to use the apps that are suited for their strengths.

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@CarlosVB What's the real case you’re trying to solve using Tables? Could you please share a bit info?