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How to create multiple WordPress newsletter digests based on post categories using Zapier?

  • 23 August 2023
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Hello to everybody,

I have a wordpress site that publish articles with different categories.
I would like to create a newsletter that contained an excerpt of the wordpress article, and I am thinking that digest is the right zap for it, once. a new article is created, the zap send the excerpt to Zap digest, and then the digest is released once per week.
The challenge is that I would like to have different newsletter for each article category.
Let’s assume I have a list for post related to Food, and another one for Home, and another one for Garden.
I would like to have the zap that will send the excerpt to the Food digest in case the post contain the food category, home for home, and so on.

The same post can belongs to more than one category, so the procedure should be able to send the excerpt to more than one digest.
Any idea how to achieve that in an elegant way?
many thanks in advance for help


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 23 August 2023, 20:40

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5 replies

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Hi @Bobonez 

Good question.

You’ll either need separate Zaps for each Digest.

Or you can use Paths in 1 Zaps.

NOTE: Paths require a Zapier Pro+ paid plan.

Or an advanced approach might be to use the concept of a lookup table:


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Thank you very much for advise.

regarding creating a different zaps for each digest is a solution that in principle I have excluded as the procedure is much more complicated, and it will cost me something like hundred zap for each post.

regarding paths, I haven’t figured out how can I apply recursively the procedure, as the same post can be sent to 3 or 4 different edition of the digest, can you help me in solving that issue?


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Zap Runs can proceed down multiple Paths if the Filter conditions match.

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Thanks! I was convinced that path worked as alterative condition, not concurrent one!

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Glad to see Troy was able to help you find a solution here, @Bobonez! 🎉

If you run into any issues setting up those Paths, or have any further issues or questions along the way just let us know. The Community here is always happy to help! 🙂