How to create invoice with line items and Zapier Loop?

  • 5 August 2023
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I am trying to create an invoice from WooCommerce Line Items. This is what I created so far: 

  1. Trigger ist: Line Itema in a New WooCommerce Order
  2. Zapier Loop: Create Loop From Line Items in Looping by Zapier
  3. Invoice app: Find/Create new products (from the previous step with “Zapier Looping”


After stept 3 I don’t know how to create a new order with those line items.

What’s the best solution? Do I have to use Zapier Digest? And if yes, how? 

Thanks for help, 

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5 replies

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Hi @michael291 

Which invoice app are you trying to use?

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Hi @Troy Tessalone , it is Bexio ( 



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@Troy Tessalone This is the step in Zapier, where the invoice will be created… 


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If you use the Zap trigger: WooCommerce - Line Item in an Order

Then that will trigger once per Line Item, so you wouldn’t need the Looping step.


You’ll want to use the Zap trigger: WooCommerce - Order

That should include all the line items for 1 Order.

You can then use the Looping app to iterate thru each line item to find/create in Bexio.

Looping run each loop in parallel, so you’ll want to add a Delay step after the Looping step.

Then you can use either Storage app to set 3 values needed for Bexio line items:

  • Name/ID/Code
  • Quantity
  • Price


You’ll need to find/create + update to comma delimit the values in Storage.


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Hi @Troy Tessalone,

sorry for the late response. I followed your instructions. Is this procedure correct? 

  1. Trigger: “New WooCommerce Order” (instead of Line Items Order)
  2. Zapier Loop: “Create Loop From Line Items” in Looping by Zapier (Product Name, SKU, Price, Quantity)
  3. Delay (i.e. for 1 min)
  4. Bexio Invoice app: Find/Create new products (from the previous step with “Zapier Looping”: But how? -→ I don’t know how to create multiple products with Zapier Loop?
  5. Next step: “Set Multiple Values” in Storage (Product Name, SKU, Price, Quantity). Right?
  6. But I don’t know what is exactly the next step before creating the invoice in the Bexio Invoice app. Do I split the values in the Loop? How do I get the stored values from Zapier Storage into the invoice?  

Could you please help me? 

Thanks Troy,