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How to create an invoice from Shopify to Wave

  • 11 March 2020
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I'm trying to add a Zap so whenever I make a sale in Shopify it generates an invoice in Wave. I am having a problem when the Zap has to look up items to match them up between Shopify and Wave. Perhaps because I am choosing the wrong field for Product ID in the custom value drop down? The error message I'm getting is:

Got 500 calling POST, expected 2xx.

Any ideas what to do?



Best answer by jesse 11 March 2020, 11:35

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6 replies

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Hi @springforthfarmnc

Can you show us how you have the Wave step setup?

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Screen Shot 2.jpgThis is the area where I am having trouble. If I don't put in a custom value under Item Product, then it doesn't work properly. (It just lists the selected product for all lines on the invoice.)

For the "Custom Value for Item ID" I am not sure what to put. No matter what I put there, I have gotten the same error message.

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Screen Shot 1.jpgHere is a picture of the error message. The highlighted number is the numerical ID imported from Shopify. In Wave, the numerical ID for the same product is an 8 digit number beginning with 4.

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Hey @springforthfarmnc! In order for this to work, your Zap is going to need to be able to compare product IDs and know which Wave ID to choose when a specific Shopify ID comes across from your Trigger. There are 2 options we can recommend here:

  1. If you don't have a lot of products, you can insert a Formatter step between your existing steps and use the "Lookup Table" utility. Entering the Shopify Product ID as the key(s) and the associated Wave Product IDs as the values should do the trick. More info on that here:
  2. If you have a rather long product list, instead of using the Formatter, you might record those IDs in a Google Sheet and do a lookup from that sheet as a middle step instead using a "Find Row" Search Action.

In either scenario, you would want to use the output of the step you choose to move forward with in the "Item Product" field of your Wave "Create Invoice" action step. That should get you to the desired outcome you're after here.

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@jesse thank you. That completely answered my question.

Why is a Google sheet better than a lookup table for lots of products?

Next step, try to figure out how to export product IDs from Shopify and Wave...

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@springforthfarmnc sure thing and happy to clarify! Google Sheets makes it easier to paste in/edit items in bulk. With Formatter's Lookup Table, you need to enter each key/value pair one by one. Best of luck grabbing those Product IDs! Usually this can be done with an API call but that's likely a bit technical in approach. You best bet might be to ask the Shopify and Wave teams about the best way to retrieve this information.