How to create an Event in Squarespace using Mighty Networks new event as trigger


I wonder if anyone has any suggestions that would enable us to use the creation of a new event in Mighty Networks as a trigger to automatically add an event to our events calendar in Squarespace?

For the experts, is this a zap we could build ourselves fairly easily?

Thanks to all!

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Hi there @Mark G  and welcome to the community!


Have to read this article? It states exactly what you need and how you setup a workflow with zapier.

If you need any help in setting this up let me know.





Many thanks for your kind response.  We did look at that page, as well as a number of other support pages and guide on Zapier’s site and Mighty’s, but it does not appear that using the creation of an event on our MN site can trigger the creation of, essentially, the same event on our website events calendar in Squarespace.  

We’d like to have our community calendar public on the website, so people can see it there and sign up for events if they’re not part of the MN community, and we’d like to avoid having to maintain the Squarespace calendar manually, so now we’re wondering how to create a zap from scratch to enable this action.


Thank you!



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Thanks Mark, I see what you mean now.

What exactly would you consider to be “an event”? I am not familiar with MN or Squarespace but can always discover ways to integrate this.

Maybe I can think of a “workaround” once I understand completely what you would want. Right now I can see that MN doesn't expose any API that you could use which is unfortunate. 


Let me know. 


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To reply on myself, I have created a trial account and now see what you mean with “event”.

 I will try to figure out some things. 

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Allright @Mark G I have tested and checked some things, and both Mighty Networks and Squarespace are very limited on API / integration usage. This is mainly because they are both systems focussed on “easy usability” instead of functions.


Now I did think of some dirty workaround, which you could take a look at; 

  1. Don't use Zapier, but use code that basically “crawls” both systems for information and syncs them. My development team and I have done these kind of jobs before and it's possible, but never the “best” solution. We mainly use Python or node.js for automation workflows that needs code.
  2. Use zapier, but use a “management” system, to manage both sides, in between.

Now to explain 2 a bit more, grab a coffee and see what I’ve found and you could use. 

  • Use Google Sheets for example as management system, and create your “events” in there. This is vulnerable to some more issues since some data needs to be in a specific format but I think all solveable.
  • Create a Zap workflow that either triggers on a new /updated Google Sheets row or some scheduled trigger
  • Lookup the event details in google sheets
  • Add an action in your workflow that creates an event in MN with the data from Google Sheets

Now the even dirtier part comes. Squarespace calendar doesn't really integrate with anything except;

  • Google
  • iCloud
  • Outlook Office 365
  • Outlook Exchange

As a workaround, you could sync the Squarespace calendar with a Google calendar and do the following to your Zap workflow:

  • Add another action to create an event in Google calender
  • This should automatically get synced with the squarespace calendar as well


Now as you can see this is quite a workaround and next to that all a concept. I haven't tried this out. You should consider the following setting this up:

  • How badly do you want this, compared to the time to setup?
  • How badly do you want to stick with these systems? Could you consider moving to something more integratable? 
  • Do you have time for this or want a team for this?


That was my speech, let me know if this helps you and if you need any more support. We would be happy to assist you on setting this up as well if needed.





This is great -- I really appreciate your adaptability here.  The scenario is that we have moderator-level community members creating events in the Mighty hosted community that they host (on platforms like Zoom, Instagram live and Facebook), so if we could sync their events to a google calendar and then kick that back out to Squarespace, that would be the workflow we’d like to enable.

It may not be worth it to automate this, especially since we’re not sure yet how long we will stick with Mighty.  It might, however, be worth it if we could take the events in Mighty and use them to populate both our website and our instagram and facebook feeds -- do you think that’s feasible, adding FB and insta, without doing a ton of development work?

Many thanks again,


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Looks like I need to take a break, I am missing things. It looks like zapier got a trigger that enables you to trigger a workflow when a new event is created. This makes it easier.
You could ceate a workflow like this:

  • Trigger: New event in Mighty
  • Actions: create new calendar event

However, I am not sure if this sync is a one-way or both-ways sync. If squarespace doesn't pick up this calendar event it might become trickier. You would have to test this.


It might, however, be worth it if we could take the events in Mighty and use them to populate both our website and our instagram and facebook feeds -- do you think that’s feasible, adding FB and insta, without doing a ton of development work?


Yeah that wouldn't be an issue. Once 1 system is setup you can pretty much integrate it with other systems easily. 

These 2 systems you use however are just not the most friendliest when it comes to functions.


I couldn’t get the zap to set up as anything other than an action in Mighty triggering an action in Mighty.  It wouldn’t jump to Squarespace.

I’ll keep trying!


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Hi @Mark G 

Just swinging back around here. Were you able to get something working here?