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How to create an attribute in a product on Woocommerce where the attribute option value is made up of more than one word

  • 2 July 2023
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I am using Woocommerce for Zapier. I am trying to add an attribute to a product where the attribute value is made up of more than one word.

I can add the attribute but the value splits into multiple options.

The above example works and creates the options




but I when I set the options as Case (12), Case (24), Case (18)

the options created are







I have tried converting to Line Items. I have tried using all sorts of brackets and speech marks but can’t work it out.

I see a few other people have posted this question but haven’t seen an answer yet.


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Hi @jenmev, welcome to the Community!

Hmm, I’ve been looking into this and found that this behaviour is the result of a bug with the WooCommerce app. I don’t have any ETA on when it will be fixed. But I’ve added you to the list of affected users so we’ll send you an email notification as soon a it’s been resolved.

In the meantime, I did some testing on this end and it looks like if you convert the space character into it’s HTML entity ( ) it then creates the options correctly:

To have the space characters converted into   automatically you’ll want to try using a Formatter (Text > Replace) action and set it the Find and Replace fields up like this:

Then in your WooCommerce action you’d select the Output field from the Formatter action: 

Can you give that a workaround try and let us know if that does the trick?