How to create a Zap, where in the trigger only works when a Google Calendar event changes?

  • 29 March 2022
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I would like to create a Zap, where the trigger is ONLY when a Google calendar event changes, not when a new event is created. Is this possible?

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5 replies

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Hi @Creating Positive Futures 

Good question.

Try using this Zap trigger: GCal New/Updated Event


Then the timestamps for the GCal Event created/updated have to be compared to determine if it’s a created event or an updated event.

This can be done using a Formatter > Date / Time > Compare Dates step.


That can be followed by a Filter step to determine if the Zap should continue.

Thanks Troy! This is a great start, but I am running into trouble…


When using the compare dates function, what if the event is both created and changed in the same day? Then the dates are the same. Is there some data I am not seeing in the Gcal event that note original date of event and new date of event?

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@Creating Positive Futures 

These are the data points returned for the Formatter > Date / Time > Compare Dates step:

Alternatively, a more advanced approach would be to use a Code step to compare timestamps:

Hi again. I understand the outputs, but if the “same dates” comes back “false” because I switched the appointment the same day it was created, what am I filtering for? 

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@Creating Positive Futures 

You can do a combo of conditions in the Filter.

For example:

Days is 0


Hours is less than 1


That would mean the Timestamps (Created/Updated) were the same day and the difference was under 1 hour.