How to copy messages and their replies over to another Slack channel correctly?

  • 23 February 2022
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I have a channel X in workspace A connected with channel Y in workspace B. I have an automation that messages posted to channel X are copied to channel Y. That works. Also replies to a message in channel X are  posted to channel Y. So far so good. But the replies in channel X are shown as new messages in channel Y, I would like that they are shown as replies in the thread of the message instead. Is that possible? I do not want to use Connections in Slack.

This is how it looks like in channel Y:


This is how it should look like in channel Y:


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3 replies

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you will need to use paths to determine if the message from your trigger is a new post or a reply. Here is a thread that goes over how to identify if the message is a thread or a thread reply: 

 If it is a thread then Go down path A and create a slack message, if it is a thread reply then go down path B and include the thread ts in your set up. 



Thanks for your reply. Ok, I added a path.

New message posted to channel in Slack (workspace A)

Path A: Message
Rule: 1. TS equals Thread TS
Action: Send Channel Message in Slack (workspace B)

Path B: Thread
Rule: TS before Thread TS
Action: Send Channel Message in Slack (workspace B)

Path B does not work. Also I am not able to choose anything in the section “Thread”

What do I do wrong?

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if the path criteria for B doesn’t work you can simply say if thread_ts and ts don’t equal. 

For the thread value, you will use the custom option to pass the thread timestamp from step 1