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How to connect Mailingboss to Google Sheets?

  • 2 February 2021
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Hello, this is Ramón, I'm a new memeber of Zapier.. I Would like to conect Zapier with Mailingboss list. It must record every register that Mailingboss gets into a Google Sheet. I have tried to conect ir already with the Webhook, I have a free account. Is this possible with a free account? 

I don't find the ID that Mailingboss needs from Zapier, I just find and URL but ir seems that it doesn't Match.

Does somebody would help me please?


Thank You



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Hi @Reymon LoR 

In order to use webhooks with Zapier you’ll need a Zapier paid plan.


Can you more clarification about the ID you mentioned?

Perhaps provide screenshots of how your Zap steps are configured.

Thank you for answering. I will pay the first plan so I will try to make this Zap. 

Yes I need a Webhook wich is a Premium App.


I have never done this but in Mailingboss I see next Integration Menu:

It gives me an Integration Key, but Zapier never asks me about that. (Well, I will check again when I pay a Plan)


I see that a Button to ADD WEBHOOK and apeers this window:


So, I’m lost :o(


I will pay the first plan, I hope I can solve this soon.


Thank you for your interest to help me.


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@Reymon LoR 
Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

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Just wanted to follow up here to confirm that you wouldn’t need to have a paid Zapier plan to use the Builderall Mailingboss integration. That said, as Troy mentioned, if you were using the Webhooks by Zapier app you would need a paid plan as it’s a Premium app.

For anyone else that’s also having trouble connecting to their Builderall Mailingboss account to Zapier, this would need to be done directly from within the Zap or from the My Apps page. Not from within Mailingboss.

When adding the account in Zapier, a pop-up window will appear with a field for you to input an Integration Key. This would look something like this:


More information on how to connect app accounts to Zapier can be found here: Connect your app accounts to Zapier

I hope this helps! :)