How to connect data caught via webhook to a matching meeting occurrence in Zoom

  • 21 December 2021
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Check out this video for an explanation:

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Hi @awills! You can do this in several ways

If this list of meetings/dates is not being changed, you can use ‘Formatter by Zapier’ and use a Lookup table. In one column, you set the id of the meeting, and in the other column, you set the date tied to this id. Whenever this zap runs, it will look up the id tied to that date and then input it in the Zoom action.

If this list of webinars is growing, you could use Google Sheets instead of Formatter by Zapier, and you could set up a second Zap that adds a new row for every webinar added.

If you have any questions, let me know. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, send me a message, and I’ll be happy to assist you on Teamviewer.