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How to clone/duplicate a record (Invoices) in Zoho CRM?

  • 11 June 2021
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I am looking for a way to clone/duplicate records in Zoho CRM with Zapier. I tested a few things with “Create New Entry in Zoho CRM (Invoices module)” and entered all the values from an existing/from the original invoice. But I am not sure if there is a better way to clone/duplicate a record in Zoho CRM.

I know it is possible to do that with Workflow automations in Zoho CRM, but NOT with the Invoices module. 

Thanks for help. 


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5 replies

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Hi @michael291 

The Zoho Invoices API has these available endpoints:

But I’m not seeing a specific endpoint or config setting for an endpoint that enables cloning/duplicating/copying an invoice.

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Hello @Troy Tessalone , thanks for checking. I have contacted Zoho. Maybe there is a solution for that. 


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Just wanted to follow up here and confirm that it’s not currently possible to copy an existing invoice with the Zoho CRM integration. 

The best way to handle it with the current Zoho CRM integration would be to use a Find Module Entry action to find the invoice you want to copy (if you’re not already using a New Module Entry Zoho CRM trigger to trigger on the invoices you want to copy). Then use the Create Module Entry action and select the relevant fields from the previous step to replicate the setup of an existing invoice. This would allow you to automate the process of duplicating existing invoice records.

The thing you’d want to watch out for on that is creating a Zap Loop! So adding a specific keyword to indicate that it’s a duplicate (on the Create Module Entry action) and then use a Filter to check whether the invoice contains that keyword. That should help to prevent the Zap from creating a duplicate of an already duplicated invoice.

That said, if the reason for copying an existing invoice in Zoho is to create a recurring invoice for a customer, then it may best to try a different approach. Instead, you could use a Webhooks by Zapier step to create a recurring invoice. Zoho CRM’s API has details on how to create recurring invoices here: Create a Recurring Invoice

And you can find out more about using Webhooks in your Zaps here: Send Webhooks in Zaps. :)

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Hi @SamB , thanks for your reply. 

I solved this with a function in Zoho CRM triggered with a workflow rule. Works perfect!!! 


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That’s fantastic news, @michael291!

I’m so glad you were able to get a solution to this. Thank you very much for sharing the solution you found, we really appreciated it! :)