How to capture latest slack thread (thread_ts) and channel Id based on the matching keywords found in those threads

  • 24 March 2023
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I’’m trying to send the full thread of the messages from one Slack Channel to another Channel using 1. new message posted in the slack 2. Find the message in the slack 3. Send Channel message in the Slack.


Every time when the user posting key words example ‘TESTING IN PROGRESS’ and and other user go the thread discussion. As soon as the keywords are found I wan the thread link to posted to other Channel.


I see only ‘permanent link ‘ of the thread for the first time the key words used. However I would to get the thread URL every time they Key words ‘TESTING IN PROGRESS’ is posted. Thanks in advance.



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1 reply

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Hi @Mo Raj, thanks for joining the Community! 🙂

Hmm, does the timestamp of the parent message come through in the subsequent replies in the thread? I’m wondering if you could potentially use that as a way of identifying the message and get the permalink.

What I’m thinking here is that you could add both the permalink to the parent message and it’s timestamp to a third party app like Google Sheets. Then when the Zap triggers on the replies, a Lookup Spreadsheet Row (Google Sheets) action would use the thread timestamp as the search value. It also has the ability to create a new row if one isn’t found so it could also be used to add the parent message for the thread to the spreadsheet. That would allow the Zap to find the corresponding parent message so you could get its permalink that way. 

Does that sound like it could work? Or is it that you’re missing the permalink for the replies? Look forward to hearing from you!