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How to Automatically Upload Google sheet row from Gmail Attachment?

  • 16 July 2021
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I’m quite new to zapier , so my question is as the title 

“How to Automatically Upload Google sheet row from Gmail Attachment”

My file type that’s would be sent to my gmail is XLSX

and i want to update that’s attachment to existing google sheet 

and also how to update thats data without 1st row (Header row) of the file.


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7 replies

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Hey @Somchai Power, welcome to the Community! 

It seems you’re looking to do the same thing that was asked in this similar question that was answered here:

Hope that helps to point you in the right direction! :)

But after replace the file how to extract data in thats file to google sheet , i had tried many way but it doesnt. work

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Hey @Somchai Power,

Ah, I see! In that case, you’ll want to check out the following thread which discusses how to extract data from an XLS attachment and add it into a Google Sheet:

Does that approach look more like it will work for your needs here?  

It’s looking to work well but how to select specific row in file because my header row didn’t start from 1st row

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Hey @Somchai Power,

Ah, if the header row isn’t coming through correctly then it could be that the spreadsheet isn’t set up quite as Google Sheets is expecting. You can find more about how the spreadsheet needs to be set up here: How to set up your Google spreadsheet to work with Zapier

Hope that helps! :)

about header row , Is this for excel that’s i want to extract , or google sheet thats i want to send data too , or both?

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Hi @Somchai Power!

Both the incoming and outgoing spreadsheets should be set up with the first row as the header row, and everything under it being records that contain data in those columns. If that’s not how you’ve got it set up, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get the results you’re looking for.