How to automatically transcribe Twilio voice messages into written text?

  • 14 August 2021
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I would like to take a voice mail URL and transcribe into English (i.e., text).


  1. Voice Mail comes into Twilio
  2. I can get that voice messages as a URL
  3. I would like to transcribe that voice message
  4. Would like to have the text from the voice message appear in Google Sheets (easy part likely)

I have played around with Twilio’s transcription function and including IBM’s Watson but they are not very accurate.  


Thoughts? Ideas?  




Blueguy/ GML

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5 replies

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Hi @blueguyzee 

Check out these other Zap apps:

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Kind of expensive.  We want to be able transcribe about 50 voice mails/ day; at 10 cents per minute , which is the likely cost for each message, that is $5 / day.  I have to think about that; we are a small business but if the transcription is very good and the we can get the data we want in front of the people who need to see it and have that done without too much effort, then it might be worth it.


I will check it out!  And let you know.  Thank you for the direction.

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Update...the one that was 10 cents / minute (TEMI) is now 25 cents/ minute.


Plus I want to be clear, I am taking a URL (not a wav.file) and I went that URL that represents a wav.file to generate the text.


Therefore, Is there a way to convert a URL of a wave file to an actual wav.file?



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Check out this help article about using Files in Zaps:

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thanks….for the article….


I need to think about doing this ZAP flow a little bit; I would be sending voice messages from PATIENTs discussing their medical problems and likely leaving a name on that voice mail as well….I need to think about HIPAA and sending data electronically…..and sending that data to different vendors….


as much as I want to transcribe those voice mails this whole thing is looking like a non-starter for now


any way, thanks for the input