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How to automatically send an email with a specific file attached from google drive after an appointment has ended in

  • 21 April 2021
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Dear you all,

I love what Zapier can do, but this I Cann't work out. 

Through people make an appointment with me. 

I made a Zap so that when somebody makes a new appointment a 'google presentation is made . It extracts some data, so that the presentation is actually an invoice. The presentation is saved in google drive with the persons name and date the appointment takes place. Once the date has arrived, I have to manually go to google drive, download the presentation as a pdf. I then automated the next task with Hazel: since the pdf is saved in a specific folder a new email is opened in mail (Mac) . I have to fill in the email address from the recipient and voila, they get a pdf with a personalised invoice.

What I would love te have happen is that once a booking has ended automatically this email with invoice is send to the recipient. 

As far as I can see there is no way to do this from within They do have a possibility to send an automated email after a booking has ended, but I Cann't attach a specific pdf. 

The booking in is synchronised with google calendar. I made sure that in the note field the email address from the appointment is there. But then I am stuck. 

Is there anyway I can have this work? I Donn't have to download the file to email it. That is just the workaround I found to have it as a pdf AND to have hazel automate the process of opening an email dialog. 


I hope you understand what I am trying to achieve. Thanks for trying to help, 


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Hi @Grazysailor 

Try these Zap steps

  1. Trigger: GCal - Event End
  2. Action: Formatter > Text > Extract Email (from Event Description)
  3. Action: GDrive - Find File
  4. Action: Gmail - Send Email

Thank you. I'm trying but not succeeding yet. In my drive the files are listed with the date and name of the person that had the appointment. But this is different everyday ofcours. I.e. today the zap should find a filename with the date of today and the persons name, but tomorrow it should be the date of tomorrow and the persons name. But as far as I can see I can only put in fixed data to search for? Woud grately appreciate your help. 

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You can use a Formatter step to format the Date & Time to the desired format.

You can insert the timestamp when a Zap step runs per this article:

Thank you troy, I will Try this. Will let you know