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How to automatically send a freebie when someone submit a form on google form?

  • 19 August 2020
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I would like to send a freebie automatically when someone submit a google form? Can I do this with Zappier?




Best answer by andywingrave 19 August 2020, 21:53

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Hello! Sorry for the newbie questions. What is a Freebie? and how would you like to send it?

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Hi, thank you for  answer .


A freebie is a gift  (a PDF) that I will send by email when someone submit the google form.

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Ah! Great!

Well, if you are capturing their email, all you will need to do is have a link to the pdf, and you can send it as an attachment using an email step:

  1. Lead comes in from Google forms
  2. Send email (using Zapier’s email or Gmail etc) - Add the pdf as an attachment

That should be it :D 

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Thank you very much !


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I tried to do it but I can’t.

How can Zappier takes the email adresse automacally from the google form. 

Also I have tried to attach a Pdf to my email, but I don’t know how to find the document which is on my computer.

I am new with Zappier and it is a completly new world to me

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Hi @Diane ,

Congratulations on working through your first Zap!

For Zapier to take the email address provided within your Google Form, you’ll need to “map” over the form’s email field. So you will take that field from your Google Forms Trigger and map it to your email’s Action like this. From there, your Zap will pull in the email(s) entered in for all of your Google Forms and send out the email to the correct person. 

Give that a go and let us know if you run into any trouble!

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Thank you very much but when I tried to customize my email, when I select “ 1.emailadresse” into the field “to” I have this ‘emailadress : no data”

Then this message error: 

To send a message, it needs at least one To, Cc or Bcc address.





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Hi @Diane !

You may need to check your Sample Data that’s being pulled in as your current sample may not include an email address. You can check out this article to learn more and get set up! Test Sample Data.

If you are still receiving error messages, you may need to reach out to Support so that they can look at your specific configuration and get you up and running!