How to automatically pull all outputs into Gmail body

  • 10 August 2023
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I’m using ‘Find many records’ to search Airtable and return items to be used in an email (using Gmail).

I’ve added a Formatter step between to turn a string of names into separate outputs for the email. 


I want to automatically show ALL separate outputs in the email. For example, if the process returns 10 separate outputs I want to show all 10 in the email. Is there a way to do this? 

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5 replies

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Hi @OJT123 

Good question.

That would depend on how you want the email body to be formatted.

Can you provide an example for us to visualize with screenshots?

Hi Troy


Thanks for helping with this. 


See attached 2 screenshots. You’ll see I’m using the formatter to take a ‘search for multiple records’ result and split it into separate items. I then want these items to appear as a list in the body of my email, which I can do successfully as a manual test but I can’t find a way to automate it so that ALL separate results from the multiple record search are moved into the email body automatically when I publish. 


Hope that makes sense. 

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Try this Zap action: Formatter > Utilities > Line-Items to Text

Use <br> if you are using an HTML email body.

Use \n if you are using a TEXT email body.


Which token are you thinking I use in the email body with this?


‘Output: text’ is the only one that captures ‘all’ matches, however it appears in the email as a string of names separated by commas.

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We would need to see updated screenshots with how your Formatter step is configured along with your Gmail step.