How to automatically create a webpage based on a template and embed a shuttlebus signup form?

  • 3 August 2023
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Hello everyone!


I work for an workshop venue, where we have many different ~5-day workshops during the year. Currently, a workshop organiser is sent a doc when they are approved that has a summary of their workshop and links to various documents in it. This includes a link where participants can sign up for shuttle times. These are currently in google sheets (bleh). 


I can use Zapier to automate the creation of all of the event-related documents that I need (great), and next I would like to find a way that this can be presented more cleanly and professionally than in google sheets. I have two needs:

  • A way to automatically create a webpage based on a template, where I can then fill in links and other information as needed. 
  • A way for a shuttlebus signup form to be embedded in that page


At first I thought I may be able to use Notion, but it doesn’t look like there is much integration between Notion and Zapier. Same for Google Sites… Any thoughts as to what products I could use to make this happen with Zapier?



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2 replies

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Hi there @Nyarlathotep,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

I did some digging into this, and it seems like based on your requirements you might want to consider these:

  1. Samepage: This app allows you to create a page and post chat messages:

  2. Web Parser by Zapier: This app can parse a webpage, which could be useful if you need to extract data from a webpage and use it elsewhere:

  3. MakeMySummary: This app can summarize a webpage, which could be useful if you need to provide a brief overview of each workshop:

  4. docMaker: This app can print a PDF from a webpage, which could be useful if you need to provide a printable version of each workshop's information:

For the shuttlebus signup form, you might want to consider using a tool like Typeform, Jotform, or Google Forms, which can be embedded in a webpage and have good integration with Zapier.

If you need further help setting up your workflow. You might also want to consider reaching out to our directories of certified Zapier Experts that can streamline your workflow. You can reach them here:

Hopefully, this points you to the right direction! 😊

I don’t think this points me in the right direction, but thanks for your thoughts