How to automate impact report delivery from Tableau to 400+ clients in Salesforce using Zapier?

  • 11 December 2023
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Hi everyone! 

I have been given the task of automating the sending of impact reports to clients. I would love to know if the following Zap is or would be possible? 

Trigger - An email is sent from Tableau each month to my personal inbox. The name of the business is in the subject of the email and the impact report is attached as a pdf to the email. 

Actions - I would then like the following things to occur 

  1. The PDF is renamed [date and business name]. The business name needs to be pulled from the subject of the email. 
  2. Zapier uses the business name in the subject to search for the account in Salesforce. Zapier locates the contact email address or multiple email addresses that have the criteria (‘receive issue report’)
  3. I would then like an email to be sent to the client’s email address/es that were found from Salesforce. I would like this email to contain the new renamed PDF and a body of text with information. 

I’m wondering if all this would be possible in one Zap? If it is possible, please let me know! However if you don’t think it is possible, I would love some suggestions on ways around this. 

Additional context - it is also worth adding that the impact reports will be sent on a monthly basis and will be sent to over 400 clients. 

Thanks so much everyone!!! 

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5 replies

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Hi @Lily P 

Good question.

Try using this Zap trigger: Gmail - New Attachment

To extract the biz name from the email subject, try this Zap action: Formatter > Text > Split

You would need to upload the PDF somewhere to be renamed. (e.g. GDrive)

Check the available Zap actions for Salesforce:

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Hi @Troy Tessalone , thanks for getting back to me. I believe I have to use the ‘find records’ function on Salesforce but after that I’m not entirely sure what to select. I would love to know if the ideal action I’m looking for is possible in the Salesforce Integration. Is there someone who is a Salesforce X Zapier expert who may be able to give more information? 

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@Lily P 

To help us have more context, post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured and what issues you are having.

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Thanks Troy! I am trying to find a record in Salesforce which is based on multiple values. I need to use the name of the business that is in the original email subject to search for the account. And then once the account has been found, I need the email addresses of the account contacts who have the internal contact role = Impact Reporting.

In the above screenshot, ‘Lily Paterson Test’ is the name of the account/business and I am trying to extract the email address and as they have the internal contacting role ‘Impact Reporting’. I’ve read this article but I’m still confused if it is possible to extract this information from ‘Find Record by Query’ Salesforce integration?

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I believe the Find Record(s) by Query action(s) use SOQL … not sure if that helps or not