How to assign Google Deck slides to individuals using Zapier based on Calendar events?

  • 6 March 2024
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Hoping someone can help me. As a work assignment I’m trying to develop a zap to automate various stages of meeting deck creation. I began by doing New Event Matching Search in Google calendar - in this case, ‘Governing Board Meeting.’ Then i have it automatically creating a deck from a preestablished template. So far so good. This works.

What I want to do next is find a way to get zapier or one of its connected apps to go into said deck and actually do assignments to x person, y person, z person, on the individual slides for which they are responsible.

My first go-to was connecting Asana, because most of my team members are on Asana, but one of our internal software developers saw what I was doing and strongly discouraged it. I have to come up with another solution, preferably connecting apps that are in Google Suite using Zapier.

Having said that, I even tried Google Tasks, but google tasks will not allow me to assign tasks to other people.

Is there a way to program Zapier to actually go into the Google Deck that has just been created and assign specific slides to specific folks in my company?

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2 replies

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Hi @NSouthern78 

That would likely involve using the GSlides API via one of these advanced Zap actions:

  • Custom Action
  • API Request


Thank you!