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How to allow to the customer of integration to choose options?

  • 6 November 2020
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I am developing my integration with my own site.

it will export users from my site to the Mailchimp service.

I already have a Trigger which gives the list of users from my site and everything goes to Mailchimp smoothly.
But there is a nuance that I need these users to share my integration with the customer.
There are different user groups: family, work, edu, friends. We need to somehow allow the integration customer to choose which user groups will be exported.

I would appreciate any ideas and suggestions how this can be implemented?


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Hello! I’m not sure I understand the flow here. Please can you give us some more information on your site, and how/where your customers make the choice on which group to export? 


Users of our site are divided into groups: family, friends, work.

When we export these users through integration (the trigger gives the json array), we would like to give the Client of integration (in Zap) a choice of these groups: family, friends, work as a dropdown.

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I’m really sorry. can you assume I know absolutely nothing and you’re explaining the workflow as a customer (and the apps you are using at each step) like I was a five year old..? 

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Hi @Renat I. - 

It’s been a while but we wanted to check back on this issue. I’m afraid we have not heard back from you so we were wondering if you still needing assistance with this issue? Andy’s waiting for more information from you to help you with this troubleshooting.

Please let us know how we may help!

Tried to depict the question in the interface. I would like to be able to have my own settings when creating Zap or authorization, to get dropdown data for this from my API.


or authentication UI


is it possible or Zapier have another way to allow individual settings for Zap or integration?

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@Renat I. You can add a static dropdown input field to your trigger with these options [family, friends, work] - Let’s call it userGroup then you can access its value from bundle.inputData.userGroup  to filter the API results. I hope this is helpful to you!