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How to? After a trigger, for EACH row in a Google Sheet, I need to do an Action using that data from that row

  • 6 May 2020
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Here’s the scenario… Our client has 15 retail locations.

Every month accounting needs to be done for each.

Thus they want to trigger a TeamworkIQ process from Zapier for each of the 15 retail locations.

TeamworkIQ provides a standardized process template that accepts a few configuration values. In this case, the store location, the location manager, and the bookkeeper assigned to that location.

So.. They’d like to have a Google Sheet that lists the the location manager, and the bookkeeper for each location.

And then, once a Month, have Zapier start 15 processes -- 1 for each row in the spreadheet.

We know how to do Monthly triggers. We know how to start TeamworkIQ processes via TeamworkIQ App for Zapier.

But how do you get Zapier to run the action for each row in the Google Sheet?

We tried having the Google Sheet automatically update each of its rows using a cell formula (=today()) … But it turns out Google Sheet formulas like that only update when someone actually views the sheet through a browser or app. 

We either need a way to loop through each row in the sheet, or to have something else update values in the sheet so that Zapier sees that row as “updated” and then does the Action for each updated row.

How can we best do this?


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@khakman - I would solve this using one of these options:

  1. Using a Google Apps Script that is configured to run once every month. It should loop through each row and update a cell. A zap should be set up with a Google Sheet “New or Updated Spreadsheet Row” trigger. When the script updates the cells, the zap will run on each row update.
  2. By building a Custom Zapier App for Google Sheets that would allow looping through the rows. The zap trigger would then be the Scheduler app which should be configured to run once every month.