How to add WooCommerce product attributes from Airtable using Zapier?

  • 1 December 2023
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Hello everyone. I have created my first zap to create a product on WooCommerce from Airtable. The first step is “New Record in Airtable” and the next step is “Create a Product in WooCommerce. I am stuck with Attributes. I have the following question:

  • Do I have to create attributes and terms on WooCommerce manually? How do we add the attribute from Airtable table?

I used Formatter by Zapier and it seems like the product will have attributes, but when the product is created on WooCommerce, attributes are not created or picked up. I have added a screenshot below.

The following documentation does not help either. I am missing something but I could not figure out yet.




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5 replies

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Hi @ddwc 

Good question.

Looks like the WooCommerce Zap action step supports line items for the Attributes section. (can’t tell based on the cutoff screenshot)

That means data needs to be structured as an array for multiple options.

Help article about line items:

Check out these Zap options: Formatter > Utilities > Text to Line Items


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Thanks for the answer, but do you know if we need to create the terms for attributes on WooCommerce manually? Or, the setup will automatically create those terms for the attributes selected?

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When in doubt, test it out.

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I tried and I will tell here, so others can understand too. We first need to create the attributes and at least one term for each attribute initially on WooCommerce. Then, on Formatter by Zapier, we add the as following:


However, there is a small issue and I don’t know how to solve. From the following screenshot, as you can see the values are displayed correctly, but on Create Product in WooCommerce step, these are counted as separate options where it should be only one as 375 ML (Half). 


Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


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It looks like each value after a space is being created as an option.

You may have to explore using the WooCommerce API: