How to add tax (Rfc) value to a new order in Shopify via Zapier?

  • 9 May 2024
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I use Checkout Page to manage payments through donation forms on our website.

Whenever a donator subscribes (pays for a donation with recurring payment, meaning he/she subscribes to donate every month) on Checkout Page, a new order is created in Shopify by Zapier.

During the donation payment, we don’t collect taxes (Rfc} on the sums that donators pay (so when a donator subscribes to a 2 € per month plan, he/she will pay 2 € only, the tax is already included in those 2 €).

My problem is that Zapier does not send any tax value to Shopify. That means that I can not create any VAT value for each new order in Shopify via Zapier (20% in our country).

Do you know how to add a Rfc (tax) value to a new order in Shopify via Zapier?

Thank you

1 reply

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Welcome to the Community, @Sophia Camila! 🎉

Sorry no one has replied to you sooner on this. Not sure if you’ve already got this solved but I did some checking on the Create Order action for Shopify and it looks like there’s a Tax lines section which has a Rate field that could potentially be used to apply the VAT:

Can you try adding 0.20 into that rate field to see if that correctly applies the VAT rate of 20%?

Looking forward to hearing from you!