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How to add Slack thread replies to Zendesk tickets?

  • 7 June 2022
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How does one set up a Zap between Zendesk and Slack where the parent message and subsequent thread replies are synced over to Zendesk in the same ticket? I’ve tried two different options thus far (“New Reaction Added in Slack” and “New Message Posted in Channel”), but neither of my Zaps are pulling in any thread data for me to select. It only pulls in the parent message. 


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Hi @gracegobolt 

Good question.

Please see this related Zapier topic:


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Hi @gracegobolt,

It sounds like the issue could be with the Sample data you are seeing - as I’m not sure we always pull in threaded replies with the Samples which can be different than what happens when the Zap runs live.

I think this is doable in theory.

Here’s how I would configure the Zap.

1 - Trigger Slack New Message Posted in Channel - which should trigger for the main message and threaded replies.

(view larger)

2 - Delay After Queue for 5 minutes

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3 - Zendesk Find or Create Ticket (here I would use the Slack thread_ts in the Subject for the Zendesk Ticket)

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In other words - we’d be searching Zendesk for Tickets where the Subject includes the Slack thread_ts (which is the timestamp for the Parent Message in the Main channel.

This value should be the same on subsequent threaded replies to that parent message and enable us to find the corresponding Zendesk ticket.

4 - Filter to only continue if Zap Search Was Found Status boolean is True from the Zendesk Find or Create action.

(view larger)

5 - Add Comment to Ticket in Zendesk.

(view larger)

With that configuration - the Zap will trigger for all messages posted in the Channel.

The Delay After Queue is necessary - because the find part of the Find or Create action in Zendesk will be cached for around 4 minutes. If we leave this step out it could result in duplicate Zendesk tickets if threaded replies happen within 4 minutes of the main channel message.

If we Create the Message in Step 3 - the Filter would stop the Zap there.

If we do find an existing message in Step 3 - the Step 4 Filter would pass and a new comment with the Threaded reply could be added in Step 5.

Once you have the Zap configured - I would turn it on to test it by adding a parent message and then a threaded message shortly after that.

It should take around 5 minutes for the ticket to be created and 5 more minutes for the threaded comment to be reflected in Zendesk.

I’m not 100% sure that we get a Thread Ts when it is the Parent Message - so that Zap above might need one more step at Step 2 if your test doesn’t work.

Hopefully that helps!