How to add contacts created in Wix to Contactually?

  • 18 November 2021
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I am simply wanting to create a Zap that when a user creates fills out a form in WIX and thus creates a new contact. That same contact info zaps over to my Contactually account. 


I’m having a hard time making this work. Can someone help me out here. I’ve gone as far as the first step of creating an automation rule in WIX. The issue is I don’t know what action to choose for Contactually to do (see attachment)


Thanks in advance!!

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6 replies

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Hi @jhall54,


I’d be happy to help you with this Zap. From my understanding of your question - you should be able to use the “Create/Update Contact” action and fill out the relevant information from your WIX form to create a new contact in Contactually. 


If you have any other questions or need more help just ask! 



Jayden - Polygon Web Solutions. 

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Hi @jhall54 

Zap step 2 action: Contactually - Create/Update Contact

Then map data points from the trigger step to the desired fields using the ‘Custom’ mapping option as indicated in this help article:


Here’s a help article about how to change the trigger data to configure your Zap:

Thanks for responding Troy,


I selected “Create/Update Contact”, the issue (I think anyway) is under Set Up Action (see attachment), there are multiple choices here so this is feeling like a trial and error situation in which I cannot figure this thing out.


Do you know what option I should choose here is?



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It’s just a matter of mapping data points between Zap steps using the ‘custom’ mapping option as you’ve shown in your screenshot.

E.g. First Name from Wix would map to First Name for Contactually, and so on.

All required fields must have values dynamically mapped or statically set.

Are you encountering errors when testing?


Yep I figured that I needed to map the fields, but I there are multiple fields of the same topic. For example their are 3 options for “Name” plus a Last Name and Middle Name option. My WIX form just has 1 field for the full name. 1 field for email. 1 field for phone number. And that’s it.


The last test I tried it issued a “success”. But when I created a new contact in WIX manually, it did not transfer over to Contactually. Again, this has become a time consuming trial and error situation.


At this point I just want to confirm that my only path is to try every option until I’m successful?


Thx again.



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Have you tried this after submitting a test on your Wix form?

Here’s a help article about how to change the trigger data to configure your Zap:


Alternatively, consider hiring a Zapier Expert to help: